Edwardian 18K Gold Moonstone Fringe Necklace

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An Edwardian 18K yellow gold multi-drop moonstone fringe necklace. Circa 1915.

About the time period: Edwardian was the dominant decorative style at the turn of the twentieth century, named after Edward VII of England, who was on the throne from 1901 to 1910. Fashion became light and airy, with an emphasis on ethereal white layers, delicate lace and a feminine silhouette. Jewelers recreated Belgian lace and downy feathers in platinum, diamonds and pearls. Common motifs were garlands, swags, bows, tassels and wreaths. Peridot, demantoid garnets and amethysts were favorites of King Edward and Queen Alexandra and gained popularity during their reign. The beginning of the twentieth century was a time of luxury, elegance and refined beauty.

  • Moonstone: 95 total carat weight
STOCK NO. G13287
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