Watch Service

Watch Service

Like any precision instrument, a watch requires regular servicing to maintain its performance and appearance. Tenenbaum Jewelers has over 40 years of experience with the service and repair of luxury timepieces. We invite you bring your watch in for anything from a simple battery change to a complete restoration. When you entrust your watch to Tenenbaum, you are preserving it for years to come.


Our master jewelers and watchmakers can take care of any service, maintenance or repair need your watch may have. This includes checking the movement and gaskets, hands, crowns and crystals and cleaning the case and bracelet.

A full service of your timepiece is a detailed inspection and cleaning and is recommended every 4-5 years. If any parts need to be replaced, we will call you with an estimate.


Polishing your watch can return much of its original sheen. Since the polishing process removes a thin layer of metal, we recommend polishing a watch only a few times in the lifetime of your timepiece.


We are happy to replace the battery in any quartz movement watch. While a battery change often fixes a non-functioning watch, there are other possible causes such as a damaged movement, circuit replacement, or leaking battery. If this is the case for your watch, we will call you with an estimate for repair.


A watch that fits incorrectly is susceptible to premature wear, scratching and damage. You are welcome to bring your timepiece in for a fitting and adjustment. If links are removed, they will be returned to you for future use.

We can also special order watch straps to fit any watch.