Buying Guide

At Tenenbaum, the value of our jewelry is based on accurate, fact-based representation. We use our professional expertise and experience, along with premier laboratories, to authenticate and grade the physical properties of each piece of jewelry. Value based on overgrading or inaccurate representation is rarely the bargain it is perceived to be and we want our customers to feel confident that they know exactly what they are buying.

The value and quality of products that we offer is unsurpassed in our industry. We pride ourselves on buying beautiful, unique jewelry at a price that allows us to provide our clients with a quality product at a competitive price. You benefit from the size of our operation, which allows us to purchase and produce items more economically while selling them in a very attractive and inviting environment. In addition, while many jewelers sell product on consignment, we own the inventory that we offer for sale and therefore are not beholden to the pricing of manufacturers or other vendors.

The industry standard in grading diamonds is the internationally recognized Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This is the only standard we use to grade our stones at Tenenbaum Jewelers. Stones graded by services such as European Gem Laboratory (EGL) do not meet our standards, as they are frequently over graded and misrepresented. Once again, any item that is not accurately represented is not the value that it is perceived to be. Please read the full Rapaport Magazine article on overgrading for an in-depth look at this topic. If you are unsure of the specifications of your diamonds, colored stones or other items of jewelry, regardless of where it was purchased, we are happy to help!