Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Jewelry Repair & Restoration


With over 100 years of experience and a team of trained specialists, Tenenbaum Jewelers offers a comprehensive selection of services to help you maintain and extend the life of your special jewelry. We invite you to bring your jewelry in for anything from a simple cleaning to a complete restoration. We are also happy to clean and repair family pieces and items purchased elsewhere. When you entrust your jewelry to Tenenbaum, you are preserving it for years to come.

We have three full-time, in-house Master Jewelers with over 100 years of experience.

Cleaning & Polishing

You are always welcome to bring your piece of Tenenbaum jewelry by the store for a complimentary cleaning at any time. This also gives our jewelers a chance to inspect your piece and look for problems like loose stones and bent prongs, before breakage or loss occurs.

Expert Repair & Restoration

Tenenbaum handles common repairs such as stone replacement and pearl restringing on a daily basis. For vintage, antique or heirloom pieces with more serious condition concerns, rediscover your piece’s beauty through our restoration services.


Like any precision instrument, a watch requires regular servicing to maintain its performance and appearance. We invite you bring your watch in for anything from a simple battery change to a complete restoration.

Want To Custom Design The Perfect Piece, Or Redesign Something You Own?

Custom Design

Tenenbaum has the craftsmanship and expertise to bring your dream jewelry to life. We offer a full range of design services, including creating custom jewelry, replicating existing pieces and resetting existing stones.

We are also adept at reimagining older or family pieces, updating them to reflect your current style. Sometimes a treasured piece remains unworn, languishing in the bottom of your jewelry box. Resetting the stones or completely redesigning the piece allows you to extend the life of your heirloom and transform it into something wearable, while adding your own chapter to its story.

Our talented team will work with you through each step of the process, to create a personal and one-of-a-kind design.

Other Services

Buying & Trade-In

If you’re not wearing your jewelry, it’s time to pass it along to someone who will love it as much as you once did. We have one of the best trade-in, upgrade, and cash-out programs in the business.

Personal Shopping

Looking for one key new piece to add to your collection? Wondering what to wear or how to wear it? Have a special event that deserves a special piece? Let our sales staff help you!


At Tenenbaum, we take pride in offering everyone the opportunity to own a piece of fine jewelry and are pleased to offer a generous layaway policy.