Buying &Trade-In

As the largest estate jewelers in the southern US, we buy and take jewelry and watch items in trade every day, even if they were purchased elsewhere. We understand that selling your jewelry can an intimidating experience, and we pride ourselves on our professional and personal service. Our team of experienced buyers have the depth and breadth of knowledge to offer you one of the best trade-in, upgrade and cash-out programs in the business!

We offer competitive pricing for your jewelry, even if it is broken or damaged. We consider all pieces, and pay a premium for designer and signed pieces. When you accept our offer, we write a check for immediate payment.

Trading in your unworn jewelry is a great way to update your wardrobe! We will accept almost anything of value as a trade towards a new piece of jewelry. Trade-in values tend to be 25-30% higher than a cash option, can be used in the moment or over a period of time, and you’ll be able to choose from any of the thousands of pieces of jewelry in our store. The best part is that any trade-in value is applied pre-tax, which is an extra savings for you!

Please note: we are unable to make an offer for a piece based solely on a photograph.

Please call us at 713.629.7444 or contact us to make an appointment.